Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Polly Pockets // Collections

As children my sister and I loved playing with Polly Pockets, and over the years we accumulated quite a collection! I forgot about them until recently when I discovered that my Mum still had them all in a box in her attic! Last time I visited my parents I had a great time looking through them all, and snapped a few photos of my favorite ones in the collection to share with you guys!

These two are the classic kind I picture when someone says 'Polly Pocket' - the white one is a Wedding one (although the bride and the vicar were nowhere to be found) and the yellow is a Baby one! If I remember correctly the Wedding one actually played the wedding march when you opened the doors! Amazing!

The above three Polly Pockets were part of a holiday series I believe. I love that the Island and the Beach Hotel fit perfectly side by side - I remember playing with these a lot! And you can't go on holiday without your camper van! It even has a little shower and everything!

This Ballerina one was one of my sister's favorites! I love how it folds out to create a beautiful theatre, and especially love the detail - the mirror and bar in the dance studio are great! And the ballerina's legs actually split so you can have her doing proper ballet moves!

This last one, although not an official Polly Pocket, was and still is one of my favorites of our collection. Not only does the outside look amazing, but I love the fun, bright colors inside, the teensy aliens and best of all Mini Mouse and Daisy Duck in proper little space suits! Just too cool, in my opinion.

This is only about half of the collection! I can't wait until my kids are old enough to play with these just like I did.

Do you have any Polly Pockets?
Which toys do you wish you'd kept from your childhood?


  1. BEST. POST. EVER!! ;) I'm a big fan of the colours Polly Pocket uses. The top two are my favourite, I so wish my Mum had kept my toys for me to take home years later. What a shame! x

  2. *screaming*

    I wish I still had all my old ones. Why the heck did I get rid of them? I bought a few on eBay and some of them sell for quite a bit. I really want a Polly Pocket necklace like I used to have!

  3. I didn't have any Polly Pockets I don't think. I had a few My Little Ponies, which I loved, and a while ago I went through a stage of buying a beautiful collection of 1st gen My Little Ponies, though it was a bit too expensive to aim to get them all. ;) But I love my ponies!

  4. Omg, I recognize several of these! I wrote a post all about my Polly Pockets awhile ago too. :)