Saturday, 18 April 2015

Sweet Sunday Snapshots

This week has been really difficult as poor Hal has been suffering with a bad ear infection. Anyone who has littles knows that when baby is sick it effects everything! He's on the mend now, and I've still had many happy moments throughout the week!

-Super cute clothes & yummy drinks. With my baby belly ever expanding I found myself in need of some new comfy clothes, so we popped to Primark and I grabbed a few pairs of cute PJ bottoms to wear around the house - including these adorable ones, don't they remind you of Lemon Freckles!?
-Hal's Birthday! My baby turned one on Tuesday, and even though he wasn't feeling very well we managed to have a nice meal out at Wagamama with some lovely friends and enjoyed ourselves as much as we could.
-Pretty nails. I'm obsessed with nail polish and I've loved this week's nails design!
-Comfort food! There's little better after a really tough day than a big, comforting bowl of Mac 'n' Cheese with ketchup on top!

Sweet links
-Toni shared her Big List over on Lemon Freckles
-Katie talked about Cooking With the Little Gals on Skunkboy Blog
-Nicola blogged about A Sunny Day in Herne Bay on Inside The Cabinet of Wonder
-This video pretty much sums up my husband's reaction to the new Star Wars teaser!
-Eco-Vegan Gal interviewed Sayward Rebhal of Bonzai Aphrodite on Raising Vegan Kids

What sweet moments have you had this week?

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