Friday, 8 May 2015

Alphabet Magnet DIY

It's been a very long time since I posted a craft DIY here, and to rectify that I thought I'd post this really simple, quick but super-fun and effective craft project.

Pretty Alphabet Magnets! I don't know about you, but my fridge is absolutely covered in magnets and all sorts of bits and bobs, but I realized recently that I didn't actually have any alphabet magnets on there! The horror! I thought of all the fun notes Pete and I could have been leaving each other and knew I had to get some straight away! But why stick with the regular multi-colored ones, when you can have silver and pink ones! 

This was a pretty cheap project - I got the magnets on Amazon for a few pounds, and picked up the spray paint for £3 a can at my local craft shop.

Alphabet Magnets

What you'll need
Alphabet magnets
Craft Enamel Spray Paint
An old newspaper

Lay your newspaper on the ground or a table outside (don't try it inside - you will get spray paint everywhere!) and scatter the alphabet magnets over it, making sure they are the right way up. Now you just need to cover them with a couple of coats of spray paint! Hold the spray paint can arms length away from the letter magnets and spray evenly, covering each magnet as evenly as you can. Then bend down and spray again so that the sides of the magnets also get a good coat of paint. Once the magnets are all covered just leave them to dry (this took about 15 minutes for me.) Once they're dry you can just peel them off the newspaper and pop them onto the fridge!

Have you done any craft projects recently?

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