Sunday, 3 May 2015

Sweet Sunday Snapshots

I had so many sweet moments this week I couldn't pick only four! This week was the last week before my husband Pete starts his new job, so he made sure I got to do some special things I won't get much chance to do once he's out of the house for most of the day!

-Girly time! I went for a lovely day trip to Rochester with two of my besties Nicola & Olivia and had the best time! (I'll be blogging about it soon!)
-Sophie La Girafe Bubbles. I was gifted some gorgeous bubble bath for Hal from Sophie La Girafe Baby cosmetics and oh my goodness I love it! Hurrah for cruelty-free, natural bath products!
-Yummy breakfasts! I made some really good vegan french toast this week. Breakfast always makes me happy - especially when it's served with cinnamon-sugar!
-Pillow dens. This week we discovered the awesomeness of the pillow den! Hal absolutely LOVED lounging about and practicing his walking, and it was a nice rest for me!
-Exciting projects. This week I got to work on a really, really exciting project to do with my macarons! More to be revealed soon!
-Fruit cravings. The third trimester cravings have set in and so far all the baby wants is fruit, fruit, fruit! I ate a gazillion oranges this week, and I normally don't even like them!
-New macaron flavors. I've made some really good macarons this week, can't wait to share the recipes with you soon!
-Fakeaway night! This week I discovered a vegan tikka masala sauce for 80p that actually tastes good! YAY! 

Sweet links
-These brownies look incredible over on Fried Dandelions. Can't wait to try them!
-I'm loving this cute vegan tee from TheLittlestHerbivore 

What sweet moments have you had this week?