Tuesday, 22 March 2016

March Crafternoon

Last Saturday was my Easter crafternoon. I decided to make things even more fun by doing a mix of Easter and Alice in Wonderland as the theme, and it was a lot of fun to put together the decorations and all the bits and pieces for the party.

My original plan for the table was to have a table runner made out of real moss...however Pete wasn't too keen on the idea (probably a good thing I'm married to a sensible fella!) so I stuck with a simple purple tablecloth, a scattering of playing cards and some succulents in teacups to adorn the table. The favors this month are one of my favorites out of all the ones I've made so far! I made edible terrariums inspired by a post on My Paper Crane. I filled cute jam jars with crumbled chocolate cake mixed with chocolate frosting to make the 'dirt'. I topped that with some desiccated coconut I mixed with some green food coloring to make 'grass'. I made little fondant icing toadstools on toothpicks and for the finishing touch added a few candy pebbles! (Thanks to my family for getting some for me on their recent holiday to Norfolk) Everyone loved them, and I was so happy with how they turned out. 

I asked Emma Jane's Bakery to make an Eat Me cookie stamp, and it worked so well for the little cookies I gave everyone. And of course I filled some tiny bottles with lavender syrup and tied on a 'Drink Me' tag! 

There were plenty of tasty vegan treats to enjoy, including these little aquafaba meringue toadstools I made! 

We enjoyed a good natter while munching on yummy food and drinking lots of cups of tea. 

Our craft this month was making our own tea blends! There were loose leaf black tea, earl grey, green and mint to choose from as a base and then different freeze dried fruits and sprinkles to add in for flavor! It was really fun and everyone made different blends. We put the tea in some little tea bags I found on eBay for about £1, and then made little washi tape tags!

Everyone got to keep one of each person's tea to try! So fun, like a tea lucky dip!

And of course, as it was the Easter crafternoon we made Easter Baskets for the gift swap. Everyone really went all out and it was so fun to see everyone unwrapping their little basket of gifts.

I loved the Easter Basket I put together, and it was definitely a little bit painful to part with it!

I filled my basket with Easter Confetti, Cute Easter Stamps, a sweet handmade Pencil Case, a bunny Tsum Tsum, Egg Candles, a dairy free Chocolate Bunny, a Chick filled with Toffee Apple Tea, a Glittery Carrot Brooch I made and lots of little colorful chicks! I admit, I loved the carrot brooch so much I made one for myself too!

It was such a great afternoon of fun and friendship! Next month I've got Hal's 2nd Birthday party (what!?) so we aren't having a 'proper' crafternoon, but in May we will be back to usual.


  1. How fun!! And the toadstools came out so swell!!!! LOVE.

  2. Those toadstools are my new favourite thing in life.