Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Easter Bark

Easter is one of my favorite times of year, for someone who loves pretty pastel colors it's the best holiday! I've been jealously drooling over pretty Easter Bark pictures on Instagram and Pinterest, but of course most of the cute sweets used to make them aren't vegan and contain yucky stuff like gelatin and shellac. I decided I would make my own Easter Bark, 100% vegan and 100% pretty! I collected all the pretty pastel vegan candy and biscuits I could find and I'm really happy with how the bark turned out. I think it's almost too cute to eat!

You can use any vegan candy and cookies in this recipe, it's also a great way to use any 'failed' vegan macarons! (I break the rejects into pieces and store them in a ziplock bag in the freezer to use in other recipes! Don't throw them out!)

Easter Bark
Makes 1 large slab

3C vegan dark chocolate chips
4 mint oreo cookies, broken into pieces
4 party ring biscuits, broken into pieces
4 macaron shells, broken into pieces
1/3C vegan mini marshmallows*
4 large sugar covered chocolate eggs**(broken into pieces)
3Tbsp pastel sprinkles

Pour the chocolate chips into a medium sized bowl and melt in the microwave (2 minutes was perfect for me, but different microwaves may vary) Line a baking tray with grease proof paper and carefully pour the melted chocolate onto the sheet. Spread the chocolate as evenly as you can by picking up the baking tray and tilting it from side to side until it covers most of the surface of the tray. Now comes the fun part!

Sprinkle over your toppings however you like, making sure that the chocolate is evenly covered with pretty sweet and biscuit pieces. Leave to set at room temperature for an hour or so before refrigerating for another hour. Finally, break the Easter Bark into large or small pieces - whatever you fancy!

This treat is great to put in pretty bags tied with ribbon to give as Easter gifts to friends and family, or you could of course just eat it all yourself!


*I love to use Freedom mini mallows for this as they're so teensy and cute!
**Carluccio's sell beautiful pastel sugar covered eggs which I used in this recipe.

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