Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Bible Journaling Introduction

If you follow me on Instagram you've probably seen a few of my Bible Journaling posts! People really seem to enjoy them, so I thought I'd start a regular feature on the blog!

I first discovered the wonders of Bible Journaling through a few lovely ladies I follow on Instagram. As a Christian who loves craft, I was immediately drawn to the idea of combining art journaling and Bible study. Since being diagnosed with CFS 5 years ago I've had a lot of trouble reading anything more than a couple of paragraphs (my brain goes all foggy!) so I've not really been reading my Bible much. So the idea of being able to focus on a short passage, or even just a couple of verses, and do something creative with it sounded just perfect for me. 

I bought an NSV Journaling Bible online and got some nice coloring pencils and my sister bought me some of these special pens that don't bleed into the (very thin) pages. I'm not particularly good at drawing or painting, but I love paper craft and have a gazillion washi tapes and other bits and bobs which I've been using to decorate the pages.

I decided that I wouldn't worry about covering up some of the text on the page as I'm using this Bible more as a journal than an everyday Bible for reading. (I've got another one I use for following in church or reading long passages.) 

I use the Word For You Today app to find a passage to focus on, and spend about 20-30mins on each page. I'm actually finding that I'm learning more focusing on short passages, and I'm remembering more of what I've read, too.

One of my Goals for 2016 is to do at least one page a week, and I'm really enjoying it so far! I've always enjoyed combining spirituality with creativity, and this is a fantastic way to do that on a regular basis. I'm looking forward to looking back towards the end of the year and seeing all of the beautiful pages, and reflecting on the things I've learned. 

I love connecting with other Bible Journaling folk through social media, and I've even found a local group and may try to get to a meet-up some time soon! I'll be posting updates here every now and then, I hope you enjoy having a little peek into my spirituality through craft!

Do you use craft as a spiritual outlet? If so, what do you do?

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  1. This is so great, they look wonderful. I used to do a lot of nature photography and edit Bible verses with the photos but since moving to the city I've kinda got out of the habit. I really need to get back into it though as I'm not well enough for church and feeling a bit unspiritual too often.