Thursday, 21 January 2016

Photo an Hour // 18/01/16

7am // Starting the day by giving Hal his antibiotic. Poor boy has had a horrible infection giving him ulcers and swelling allover the inside of his mouth.
8am // Breakfast time! It's really chilly today so it's gotta be oatmeal! Topped with Banana, Lotus Spread, Cinnamon & Frozen Raspberries.
9am // Ezra is down for his morning nap and Hal is happily playing with his train set so I'm sipping on a Salted Caramel Coffee and flicking through this brilliant book Pete got for Christmas.
10am // Ez is up from his nap and ready to play! He can't crawl yet but is giving it a good go!
11am // Hal's snoozing away and it's time for my second bevvy of the day! Trying this tea my lovely Swedish friend Cassandra sent me.
12pm // Both the boys are napping now so after a quick bit of tidying it's time for a bit of meal planning (while watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix!)
1pm // Ezra's having fun practicing sitting up while I do a few more chores.
2pm // Hal's finally up from his nap and is playing with one of his favorite Christmas presents - a Peppa Pig doll house! (I love having means I get to play with super cute stuff like this!)
3pm // Pete's home from work so we popped to B&Q so I could pick up these paint swatches for a super secret crafternoon project!
4pm // The boys are playing and giggling away together (they adore each other!) so I'm having a cup of Vanilla Chai and a cheeky Golden Oreo (they're like a vegan custard cream!)
5pm // I'm pretty excited to make Hal's dinner this evening, it's the first time he's eaten in nearly two weeks because he's been so ill!
6pm // Hal's done with dinner and ready for his bath! Look at that cheeky grin!
7pm // The boys are tucked up in bed so it's time to make dinner! I'm completely obsessed with eating as much veg as possible at the moment, so this mountain of veg is just my portion! (Serving it with creamy pasta.)
The rest of the evening was spent working on crafternoon bits and bobs and watching Arrested Development for the gazillionth time! And like the old lady I am I went to bed at 9pm!

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  1. Cute boys! And sounds like a perfect day. I want to do one of these each month but I feel like I'm too boring haha