Sunday, 31 January 2016

Sweet Sunday Snapshots - 31/01/16

I haven't done a Sweet Sunday Snapshot post for so long! I've missed looking back at the sweet things I've enjoyed each week, so I'm bringing it back! And this week has had an awful lot of sweet to look back on, so here goes...

-My sweet, hilarious boy! Hal is growing into such a funny, lovely boy and it's just such a pleasure to watch him develop into this amazing little person. At the moment he loves making Ezra laugh, trying on my glasses and telling jokes!
-Crafternoon! The first crafternoon of 2016 was CRAZY AMAZING! We had a fantastic time chatting, crafting and eating yummy food. I love my crafternoon ladies and I really cherish the time we spend together each month.
-Play time! Now that Hal's almost 2 he's so much more fun to play with! He's really loving playdoh, coloring, building blocks and baking at the moment - and I'm loving doing all of those things with him.
-Best friends! Two of my bestest friends in the entire world came to stay for the weekend and we've just had such an amazing time together. I can't wait for them to come to visit again soon!

What sweet moments have you had this week?

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