Friday, 5 February 2016

January Crafternoon

Last Saturday I held my monthly craft party (or Crafternoon as we like to call it!) and as the first one of 2016 it was so brilliant! We didn't have a theme, but I chose to decorate with a theme of pink, green and gold - I'm in love with that combination at the moment!

I made the table fairly simple this time, but made sure there was lots and lots and lots of sparkle by using gold table confetti, sequins, little stars and glitter. I don't usually buy or use plastic cutlery but when I saw this seafoam cutlery in the pound shop I fell in love! (And I haven't thrown them away and will definitely use them again!) 

I made the Meaty Beany Chilli from Isa Does It for lunch, and it was delicious! We had our usual little sweet buffet table filled with tasty treats including PB & J Macarons, Party Rings and Pink Fizzy Laces! YUM! 

I set up a cute little station with the gift swap basket ready to be filled with everyone's beautifully wrapped prezzies, and I was super excited to display the incredible light box that my bestie Jess got me for Christmas! (I can't wait to use it for everything!)

I picked up a few cute bits and bobs for my gift swap gift. I thought the Caroline Gardner heart notebook was adorable and handy for shopping lists! Pretty cloud tissues and of course some vegan sweets. And when I saw these Tsum Tsum stickers I just couldn't resist! 

This month's craft was Paper Craft - so scrapbooking, Bible journaling, journaling and everything inbetween! I made sure we had plenty of crafting supplies to use, and everyone brought a book to work on. 

I don't know why I'd not thought of doing a scrapbooking crafternoon before because this was one of the best activities we've done. Not only was it really relaxing, but everyone brought different things to work on and each person's individual style came through. I know I really enjoyed watching the other girls work!

It was so calming and lovely, and I think I'll do another scrapbooking crafternoon this year, everyone enjoyed it so much!

I decided to make mini-scrapbook favors for the girls this month, and I must admit that it was quite a task making 6 of them! It took me every evening for two weeks, but when the girls opened them it was all worth it! I'll be sharing a little DIY on the blog soon so you can make your own!

I finally started to work on our Wedding Album! Only a few years late! I'm really enjoying looking back on that incredible day and creating a beautiful scrapbook full of memories.

I can't wait until next month's Valentines themed crafternoon!

See more of my crafternoon's by searching #ffcrafternoons on Instagram, you can also read about previous events by clicking the 'crafternoons' tab in the sidebar!

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  1. Oh my goodness I love this SO much! I want a crafternoooooon! X

  2. Those Party Rings look good! :) Looks like lots of fun!