Friday, 12 February 2016

Mini-Scrapbook DIY

 For my January Crafternoon I made my girly guests Mini Scrapbooks as favors. I had seen a few different styles of little scrapbooks browsing Pinterest, and decided to use paint swatches as the base pages to work with.

The nice people at B&Q didn't seem to mind that I was taking oh so many swatches home with me! (Thank goodness!) I picked lots of lovely bright colors but also picked up some greys and blacks so that I had a nice variety of pages to choose from.

I got lots of stickers, stamps, sparkly bits and scrapbooking supplies from my local craft store, and I found binder rings on eBay for pennies! I used lots of paper scraps and craft bits that I had already, so it was actually a very cheap gift to make. However it did take me two weeks of evenings to get them all done.

 I made 20 pages for each book, and because I had six whole books to make I chose to make a lot of the pages for each book very similar, just using different colors or stickers. But I did make sure the pages had personal touches for each of my guests, and added photos and memories to make the scrapbooks really special.

My favorite pages are definitely the 'Emergency Sparkle' pages! I made little packets filled with sequins, stars and glitter by cutting up some of the cellophane packaging that my stickers came in! I just filled them with the sparkle-bits and then carefully secured the sides with gold, glittery tape! 

It was tiring work, but seeing the reactions of my friends when they opened them made it all worthwhile. 

Why not make a mini-scrapbook for someone you love?

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