Sunday, 14 February 2016

Sweet Sunday Snapshots - 14/02/16

There are lots of sweet moments to look back on from this week, one of which is that Pete got a new job! Hurrah! It's going to be an adjustment as it's more than double the hours he's been working, so things might be a bit quiet around here for a few weeks as we adjust. With my two boys there's always so much to be thankful for, so here are some of the sweet snapshots from the past week.

-We got to church! With a baby, a teething toddler and my ME relapsing lately it's been really tough to get to church, but this morning we were able to make it and we all had a great time. Hal fell asleep during the worship music, he was so relaxed! And Ezra enjoyed playing in the ball pool in the creche!
-Pretty Macarons. After a failed batch of galaxy macs earlier in the week I was really happy with how these macarons turned out. I'm a real perfectionist so I like everything to look just perfect!
-Yes Mum Cards. I ordered some of these affirmation cards and I have to say that they are really a great encouragement on those days when life's a bit of a struggle!
-Crochet! I decided to learn to crochet this week, I tried to learn a few years ago and it was a hilarious failure! I found this YouTube video on how to crochet a granny square and now I've mastered it and am making a few a day! I plan to make them into a snuggly blanket when I've got enough!

Sweet links
-My gal pal Britt (you may remember her from my Boss Babes post earlier in the week) has finally set up a blog! I can't wait to see what she has in store!
-These Unicorn Pins from Sparkle Collective are crazy adorable.
-How gorgeous are these Valentines Day Cookie Pops by Wallflower Girl!? I might try making some this week.

What are the highlights of your week?

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