Sunday, 13 March 2016

Sunday Snapshots - 13/03/16

One of the highlights of this past week was getting my hair done on Monday! I love it so much and can't really imagine my hair without the green now!

I'm trying to embrace the little moments of quiet that I get these days, enjoying the little things like having a hot cup of coffee while the boys played together (for all of ten minutes!)

I recently discovered the shop Tofu Cute and ordered some Konpeito - the sweets that the soot sprites eat in Spirited Away! How delicious is it? Well...lets just say there aren't any left!

Sweet smiles from Ez and an improvement in his sleep (and ours) - he's been diagnosed with silent reflux and is now much more comfortable thanks to the antacids the doctor prescribed.

My colorful house is looking even more colorful thanks to some beautiful flowers (a Mother's Day gift) and my Easter decorations.

Sweet links:
-How cute are these Tiny Easter Cones by Heidi Kenney!?
-Nicola's post about creativity (also how amazing are her new bunting necklaces!)
-Bunny macarons Lacey of Avocados and Ales made using my recipe!

Tell me the highlights of your week!

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