Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Valentines Crafternoon

I totally forgot to post about my Valentines Crafternoon! Better late than never! It was quite a small party this time, just four of us in total. I went all out with the over the top valentines themed tableware (all from Sainsbury's) I love combining red and pink, and think the table looked super cute!

I made valentines sprinkle mixes as favors for the ladies, mixing little sugar hearts and sprinkles with some dried rose petals and freeze dried raspberry & strawberry pieces. I can't even describe how incredible the sprinkle mix smelled!

I kept the decorations fairly simple, I especially loved the XOXO garland my sweet gal pal Brittany sent me all the way from the USA! 

I made a little buffet for my ladies with some rose flavored heart macarons, pain au chocolat, glittery raspberry jelly, mini sprinkle cookie sandwiches & bacon flavoured crisps. It was all super yummy!

I made each lady a personal heart shaped pizza, keeping it simple with tomato & herb topping and vegan cheese.

We did our usual gift swap and I stuck with the theme and got all pink, red & love themed bits and bobs! I actually got all of the little pressies at Wilkos, and I think I spent *just* over £5.

Our craft this month was crafting with Hama Beads (who else remembers these from their childhood?) It was really nice and relaxing as we were able to chat a lot as we were crafting, and as usual everyone made something different.

I made a cute little cactus which I've put in a little pot, it looks really cute! I also made Isabelle from Animal Crossing, and I think I'm now hooked on Hama beading! I want to make all the other characters now too!

As always, it was a lovely time with my fantastic friends. There's only a couple of weeks until my Easter Crafternoon! Can't wait!

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  1. Ugh, I love it all so much!!!

  2. OMG... so cute and pretty! I love it.
    I had completely forgotten about those beads until you reminded me - takes me right back to when I was a kid. They were a lot of fun.

  3. Oh my god! It’s looking very adorable. I loved your valentine crafts. We saw such beautiful arrangements in a valentine’s party we had attended at one of party venues in Chicago. Truly, it was just a fantastic party!