Saturday, 30 April 2016

Outfit Post - April Sunshine

I haven't talked about it here but I've been struggling with anxiety and panic disorder for almost a year now, and have started CBT which is giving me some hope that things will get better. After a couple of sessions I came to the decision that dieting and continually trying to hate my body into something that I like the look of has actually been pretty detrimental to my mental health over the years, so I've decided to try something different. I'm making a conscious decision to embrace the body I have, appreciate all it has done for me (it grew and birthed two babies!) and start to love myself and regain a little of my self worth. 

I love looking at outfit posts on other people's blogs! I've wanted to do some of my own for a long time but always felt too self-conscious about having my photo taken. But I've decided to push myself and share an outfit post here every now and then. I know quite a few people who said it has helped their self confidence, so hopefully it will do the same for me!

The past couple of weeks the weather here in England has been all over the place! Last week we had snow and sleet - it's nearly May for goodness sake! So today when I saw that the sun was shining I of course had to put on my prettiest dress (I got it in a charity shop - amazing huh!) and make the most of the sunshine.

I love all colours, but I'm pretty obsessed with green and pink together at the moment! Any excuse to use my glittery pink satchel! And I know it's not Easter but I'm so in love with my Chocolate Bunny Brooch by Kate Gabrielle that I'm going to wear it year round!

Outfit details: Dress/Thrifted Seasalt. Cardigan/Thrifted. Brooch/Kate Gabrielle. Satchel/Paperchase. Jelly Sandals/SunJellies. Glasses/Firmoo.


  1. I love your dress and bunny brooch! <3 You look lovely!

  2. You look lovely, great outfit! Hope you'll feel better, taking care of yourself is really so important.

  3. that's an awesome dress, but i have to admit, seeing the photo of your bunny brooch, i couldn't stop myself from thinking, “oh no! that's gonna melt.” so, um...yeah. it's very cute. and realistic.

  4. You look fab, can't wait to see more outfit posts! I think what you have written sounds really positive and is an inspiration! Keep at it! 🌸

  5. I love your dress, your shoes and your glitter bag SO MUCH! I also love your new outlook on body positivity, it's definitely challenging to ignore the stuff being fed to us about "perfect bodies", "bikini bodies" and dieting but you can ignore it if you try hard enough! Have you read Lindy West's Shrill yet? She's one of my body posi heroines!